Rein Tech Auto Limited was set up by Mr. Jackson S F Lau in 1998, he has been in Automobile Industry since 1985 and most of the time was in managerial level.

Rein Tech Auto Limited is mainly dealing with Brand new car trading in "Business to Business" pattern. With his long experience and comprehensive knowledge in Automobile Industry, both in operational and mechanical fields, we earn deep trust and full support from our customers.

Our business motto is "Paradigm Shift, create Win-Win-Win situation".

Besides business, Mr. Lau has been actively committed in social and community services consecutively over 20 years.
Name some of it:



Federation of Automobile Services Industry HK Vice Chairman
H.K. LHD Motors Association Ltd. Diretor
HK RHD Motors Association Ltd. Meritorious Chairman

Lions Club of Silverstrand

2001-2002 President

The H.K. Polytechnic University - PVCBS

Senior Fellows (SFPVCB)

HK Vehicle Repair Merchants Association Ltd.

2001-2007 Hon. Advisor


We hope, our working team, have the chance to serve your company and gain your praise and support in the near future.